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  • Do Sun Herbal products contain gluten?

    Two plants commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine may result in trace amounts of gluten appearing in formula regardless of the part used. Thus these formula should be avoided by people with sensitivity or caeliac disease. 

    Please check the label for these two ingredients:-

    Triticum Aestivum (aka wheat)

    Hordeum Vulgare (aka barley) 

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  • RE: "60 Minutes: Health supplements could contain heavy metals, arsenic and even snow leopard"

    Regarding the recent released Nine Network television program "60 Minutes: Health supplements could contain heavy metals, arsenic and even snow leopard" our director - Tony Reid would like to make a statement about Sun Herbal products.

    "To all Sun Herbal products distributors, practitioners, end users,

    All of the herbal ingredients used in the Sun herbal formulas are sourced from China state GMP qualified suppliers who certify every batch of raw materials by carrying out identification tests and tests for contamination (e.g. sulphur and heavy metals), according to the standards of the official Chinese Pharmacopoeia (CP).

    Our manufacturer in China is only able to supply herbal medicine products in Australia after being inspected and licenced by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), with certification for Australian Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This involves regular ongoing inspections and re-certification every 6 – 18 months.

    Our manufacturer in China tests every batch both during production as well as conducting final testing and certifying for the finished product. Finished products must all comply with our specified standards for purity in terms of yeasts, moulds and bacteria as well as heavy metals such as mercury and arsenic. These standards of purity follow the British Pharmacopoeia (BP) standards for herbal medicines, which are on the same level as pharmaceutical standards.

    In addition, Sun Herbal uses the services of an independent commercial laboratory in Australia to conduct regular testing on Sun Herbal products, as an extra level of precaution.

    Sun Herbal products are only released for sale if they comply with these standards, as shown below.



    Test result

    Allowable limit




    Brown fine granules inside a clear capsule


    Weight variation 


    ± 7.5 %




    < 30 minutes


    Loss on drying


    < 7 %


    Total Plate Count 


    < 1000/g


    Yeast and Mold 


    < 100/g




    < 100/g




    Not detected in 1g




    Not detected in 10g


    Staphylococcus aureus 


    Not detected in 1g


    Total Heavy Metals (as lead) 


    < 10 ppm




    < 5 ppm




    < 0.2 ppm




    < 3 ppm




    < 0.3 ppm




    ≤ 0.005 ppm




    Further information regarding heavy metal related issues, please click here for Tony's statement published in December 2015.

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