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ChinaMed ® Capsules

Formula development

The ChinaMed® capsule range has been developed in consultation with our team of senior TCM clinicians in China, who have assisted us in developing these innovative formulations that are designed to address modern Western conditions. Each formula makes use of specific ingredients and combinations of ingredients that have proven consistently effective over several decades of clinical practice.

Herbal ingredients

Manufacture of ChinaMed® begins with selecting only top quality 'A' grade herbs, from the prime growing regions within China. These are sourced immediately prior to production for each new batch of herbal formula. The individual herbal ingredients are identified according to the guidelines in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, and each herb is assessed by physical properties, microscopic features, chemical tests and chromatographic markers, as required.

Manufacturing standards

The ChinaMed® range is manufactured under Australian Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, which are regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), part of the federal Department of Health.  In addition, the manufacturer is also certified by the Chinese state GMP, and must also conform to these standards.

Production methods

The herbs are first processed according to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, then finely prepared before being decocted in filtered water in two stages. This process involves boiling the crude herbal materials in huge stainless steel vats under pressure, at a constant temperature, below 100° Celsius. In this way, the active components are extracted without being damaged, and the volatile oils are preserved. The herbal liquid is concentrated, dried, ground and mixed to produce a fine powder, which is then encapsulated to produce the final product.

Quality control

During manufacture the product undergoes rigorous testing at various stages to ensure that the finished product is effectively free from contamination by bacteria, yeasts and moulds, heavy metals and aristolochic acid. Samples from each completed batch are retained for ongoing stability tests. Only after a batch meets both the Australian and Chinese government standards can it be released for sale.

The Sun Herbal difference

The ChinaMed® capsule range provides a convenient way to take Chinese herbal medicines. These highly concentrated herbal extracts are produced to a concentration ratio of 6:1, allowing a therapeutic dose to be easily achieved. The formulas have been specifically developed to be suitable for modern Western conditions, utilising the expertise of some of the most renowned herbal doctors in China.