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Information Brochures

COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT FOR YOUR CLINIC! 18 types of patient information brochures available Now!

Download them from <Resource> section on this page.

  • Explains the uniqueness of TCM and complicated TCM concepts in easily understandable language without technical jargon.
  • Addresses your patients' concerns about Chinese herbal medicine - Quality & Safety issues.
  • Contains a section of "Your practitioner's role in helping your wellness" which promotes your practice and expert guidance.
  • Opens awareness and discussion on the essentials of nutrition, lifestyle and balance.


Available types:

  1. ER610 Stress Relief with Chinese herbal medicine
  2. ER611 Your Digestive Health with Chinese herbal medicine
  3. ER612 Managing Arthritis with Chinese medicine
  4. ER613 Healthy ageing with Chinese medicine
  5. ER614 A focus on Women's health with Chinese medicine
  6. ER615 Quality Assurance of our Chinese herbal medicine
  7. ER616 Achieving Healthy Motherhood with Chinese herbal medicine
  8. ER617 Facing Menopause?  How Chinese herbal medicine can help
  9. ER618 Hair Growth - Discover how Chinese herbal medicine can help
  10. ER619 Improve your Sex Life, the Chinese herbal way
  11. ER620 Living with Allergies?  Chinese medicine can help
  12. ER621 Relief for your Stubborn Skin Conditions with Chinese herbal medicine
  13. ER622 Weight Management with Chinese herbal medicine
  14. ER623 Support for your Emotional Balance with Chinese herbal medicine
  15. ER624 Why should you Detox?
  16. ER625 Frequently Asked Questions
  17. ER626 Sports Injuries - How Chinese herbal medicine can help
  18. ER627 Is your Thyroid underactive?  Chinese herbal medicine can help