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Black Pearl ® Pills

Herbal ingredients

Manufacture of the Black Pearl® herbal pills begins with selecting only top quality 'A' grade herbs, from the prime growing regions within China. These are sourced immediately prior to production for each new batch of herbal formula. The individual herbal ingredients are identified according to the guidelines in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, and each herb is assessed according to its physical properties, microscopic features, chemical tests and chromatographic markers, as required.

Manufacturing standards

The Black Pearl® herbal pill range is manufactured under Australian Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, which are regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), part of the federal Department of Health.  In addition, the manufacturer is also certified by the Chinese state GMP, and must also conform to these standards.

Production methods

The herbs are first processed according to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, then finely prepared before being decocted in filtered water in two stages. This process involves boiling the crude herbal materials in huge stainless steel vats under pressure, at a constant temperature, below 100° Celsius. In this way, the active components are extracted without being damaged, and the volatile oils are preserved. The herbal liquid is then concentrated into a thick paste, to which is added a small amount of excipient, and then carefully dried and compressed into small pills.

Quality control

During manufacture the product undergoes rigorous testing at various stages to ensure that the finished product is effectively free from contamination by bacteria, yeasts and moulds, heavy metals and aristolochic acid. Samples from each completed batch are retained for ongoing stability tests. Only after a batch meets both the Australian and Chinese government standards can it be released for sale.

The Sun Herbal difference

The Black Pearl® herbal pills are the result of traditional knowledge coming together with modern expertise and technology. Our range of concentrated herbal pills are produced to the maximum potency with all the essential components intact, making them far superior to pills that are made from powdered herbs. Working in partnership with our team of senior clinicians in China, each of the Black Pearl® formulas has been carefully scrutinised and then modified, when necessary, to be more suitable for Western clinical conditions. 

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